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Best ear plugs for shooting

Best Shooting Ear Plugs (UK)

Firearms are loud, so it’s important that you have appropriate hearing protection when you’re out shooting. Though many people prefer the extra noise reduction offered by ear muffs (see the top ear muffs for shooting here), the convenience of using ear plugs instead can’t be overlooked. They offer a much lower profile than any set …

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Best Woodworking Ear Protection

Whether you’re a full-time carpenter or do woodworking as a hobby, woodworking machinery can cause serious damage to your hearing. According to the Health and Safety Executive some of the loudest machines are vertical spindle moulders, multi-cutter moulders and thicknessers, which all produce roughly 100 decibels (dB) of noise (source). To give you a point …

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Best Ear Plugs for Studying

It can be frustrating trying to study with background noise. Whether you’re studying at home, in the library or in a noisy coffee shop, background sounds can be very distracting. Ear plugs can be very useful for dulling background noise and helping you stay focused. In this article we’ll look at some of the best …

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Best Children’s Ear Plugs

It’s very important to protect your children’s ears to prevent long-term damage that might affect their hearing for the rest of their lives. It may not be the first thing you think about, but there are multiple external environments which can harm your child’s ears. In addition to protecting your children’s hearing at loud events …

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Best Reusable Ear Plugs (UK)

Most ear plugs are only intended to be used once. This can become expensive if you use them frequently, and throwing out ear plugs after each use is also bad for the environment. Many people are tempted to reuse regular ear plugs several times, but this can be unhygienic. Single-use ear plugs are hard to …

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