Best Ear Plugs for Noise Reduction (UK 2017)


Struggling to sleep at night due to noise such as snoring? Or perhaps you simply require hearing protection and can’t use a bulky set of earmuffs. Whatever the case, we’ve rounded up a few of the best ear plugs for noise reduction on the market to help you sleep better or just keep your hearing.

The three key considerations when looking for a pair of earplugs are:

  1. Durability
  2. Comfort
  3. Noise reduction rating

A good pair of earplugs will be durable, comfortable, and keep noise out. There is no perfect solution and everyone has different ear canals, so you should look for earplugs that fit you best.

3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs

3M are renowned for their excellent products, particularly their extensive range of hearing protection products. The 3M E-A-R Classic Earplugs are no exception. These noise-reducing earplugs are very well-suited to a work environment, but should be comfortable enough that you could sleep in them.

With a manufacturer rated noise attenuation rating of 28 dB, these ear plugs are fairly effective. Sure, they’re not the most effective on the market, but they should be more than sufficient for dampening ambient night-time noises and low-to-moderate workplace noise.

These earplugs are reusable and washable, made of an advanced polymer foam. They deliver respectable noise protection with a solid lifespan.

Overall, 3M have created a product that’s ideal for protecting your hearing at night, at work, or in your leisure time. They’re comfortable, durable, and deliver solid noise protection.

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Ohropax Earplugs Soft

Sometimes you just want some quiet from the ambient noises that plague our everyday lives. Ohropax have a product that aims to deliver the quiet you deserve. Through use of a flexible foam construction, these earplugs can fit your ear canal snugly, helping to block out some of the noise.

These earplugs by Ohropax are designed to be comfortable and effective. With a NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 30 dB, they’re certainly effective. However, these earplugs are clearly intended for use as a sleep aid, rather than noise protection around heavy machinery.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to reduce ambient sounds at night, deal with loud music, or simply want some peace and quiet in the office, then these might be the earplugs for you. The convenient plastic carry case is ideal for keeping earplugs on you for when you need them.

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Hush Plugz Silicone Earplugs

These silicone earplugs by Hush Plugz are certainly an interesting product. Unlike conventional earplugs which are inserted into the ear, these are simply moulded over the exterior of the ear canal to provide a seal. This means they get a far better grip on your ear, making them less likely to slip out in the night.

The main issue with traditional earplugs is that they don’t offer a good fit for everyone. If you find yourself losing earplugs in the night, then these silicone earplugs are ideal. Due to their mouldable nature, the seal they provide is guaranteed to be perfect for your ears.

Unfortunately, these earplugs have a number of downsides. They’re not intended for reuse, washing, nor are you supposed to break the individual silicone balls into smaller pieces.

However, many users have reported success doing all of those things, so your mileage may vary. Even if you do have success reusing them, they’re far less durable than other options, meaning you’ll have to buy replacements a lot more frequently.

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