Highest SNR Ear Defenders

When the noise gets too much for standard hearing protection, it’s time to bring in the big guns. If you’re surrounded by heavy machinery, large vehicles, or just extraordinarily noisy neighbours, you’ll want to bring out the strongest hearing protection available. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the strongest ear defenders available in …

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Best Children’s Ear Plugs

It’s very important to protect your children’s ears to prevent long-term damage that might affect their hearing for the rest of their lives. It may not be the first thing you think about, but there are multiple external environments which can harm your child’s ears. In addition to protecting your children’s hearing at loud events …

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Best Reusable Ear Plugs (UK)

Most ear plugs are only intended to be used once. This can become expensive if you use them frequently, and throwing out ear plugs after each use is also bad for the environment. Many people are tempted to reuse regular ear plugs several times, but this can be unhygienic. Single-use ear plugs are hard to …

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Softest Ear Plugs (UK)

Whether you’re protecting your ears on the job or just trying to get a good night’s rest, comfort is a major concern. You don’t want to be wearing ear plugs for hours every day if they’re rough or uncomfortable. Everyone’s ears are different, so the best thing you can do is pick up a whole …

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Best Ear Plugs for Flying (UK)

Many people suffer with popping ears when flying, and this can be very uncomfortable. This problem can be especially bad if you have an ear infection or a blocked nose. Ears popping is caused by changes in cabin pressure, which your Eustachian tube struggles to adapt to. This is why you’re most likely to feel …

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Best Ear Plugs in the UK

Ear plugs have a wide range of potential uses, from helping you sleep by blocking out the noise of snoring to protecting your hearing at concerts and music festivals. There is a large choice of ear plugs available in the UK, all the way from cheap disposable one-size-fits-all ear plugs to expensive custom-moulded pairs. While …

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Best Motorcycle Ear Plugs (UK)

Many motorcyclists struggle with wind noise, which can cause ringing in the ears and make you feel tired on long journeys. The sound of the wind and the bike engine itself can also cause long-term hearing damage. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a good pair of motorcycle ear plugs if you’re …

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Best Swimming Ear Plugs (UK)

Swimming can cause a range of ear problems, the best known of which is otitis externa or swimmer’s ear, an infection caused by water getting inside the ear. Swimmer’s ear is common in children but can also affect adults. The best way to prevent swimmer’s ear and other swimming-related ear problems is by wearing a …

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