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Best Radio Ear Defenders (UK)

Radio ear defenders are great for working in noisy environments where you want to protect your hearing while having something interesting to listen to. Listening to the radio while working can help keep you motivated and prevent boredom. As well as wearing radio ear defenders at work, you could also use them at sporting events …

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Best Ear Defenders for Autism (UK)

Autism is a daily part of life for 2.8 million people in the UK, including adults and children on the spectrum (estimated to be 700,000 people), as well as their families supporting them. Autism can have a significant impact on various aspects of everyday life, including how we deal with sensory inputs such as noise. …

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Ear defenders with glasses

Best Ear Defenders for Wearing with Glasses

If you’re a glasses wearer, finding comfortable and effective hearing protection can be a challenge. There are two main issues with combining ear defenders/ear muffs with glasses: Reduced protection – The arms of the glasses can interfere with the ear cups’ seal, reducing the amount of ear protection offered by the ear defenders. However, if …

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Best Woodworking Ear Protection

Whether you’re a full-time carpenter or do woodworking as a hobby, woodworking machinery can cause serious damage to your hearing. According to the Health and Safety Executive some of the loudest machines are vertical spindle moulders, multi-cutter moulders and thicknessers, which all produce roughly 100 decibels (dB) of noise (source). To give you a point …

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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV Review

The MSA Sordin Supreme Pro IV electronic ear defenders are designed for hunting and shooting. They can limit loud noises such as gunshot to a safe volume of 82 dB, and can also amplify quiet sounds and connect to radios and MP3 players using an aux connection. MSA are a well respected manufacturer of professional …

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