3M Peltor SportTac Electronic Ear Defenders Review

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The 3M Peltor SportTac Electronic Ear Defenders are designed for shooting and hunting where you need to be able to hear quiet noises while protecting your hearing from the loud sound of gunshot.

In addition to shooting and hunting, Peltor Sportac Electronic Ear Defenders can be used in the workplace and for other purposes where you need to protect your hearing.

Find out how the 3M Peltor SportTac Electronic Ear Defenders perform in this review…


Model number: MT6H210F-478-GN
Batteries: 2 x AAA batteries (included)
Weight: 540 g


If you’ve never used electronic ear defenders before, you’ll be impressed by the 3M Peltor Sportac Electronic Ear Defenders. You can clearly hear what’s going on around you, but as soon as there’s a loud sound the ear defenders instantly reduce it, preventing damage to your ears.

Electronic ear defenders amplify quiet noises, meaning you can hear birds and beaters better than without them on if you’re pheasant shooting. They’re also great for clay pigeon shooting and other shooting sports.

When using in the winter they have the added benefit of keeping your ears warm!

  • Electronics respond almost instantly so there’s no noticeable delay in reproducing sounds
  • Can be connected directly to a hunting radio
  • Replacement HY21 ear cushions can be bought on Amazon here
  • Can be worn in the rain, though they aren’t 100% waterproof
  • Can be folded to make them easy to carry
  • Amplify quiet noises
  • Durable and should last a long time
  • Can be bought with a 2.5mm stereo, 3.5 mono or 3.5mm stereo connection for connecting a radio
  • Not fully waterproof, and can get damaged by heavy rain
  • Quite expensive, but it’s worth it to protect your ears


The 3M Peltor Sportac Electronic Ear Defenders are some of the best rated and most popular electronic ear defenders in the UK, and with good reason. They’re extremely effective at reducing harmfully loud noises while amplifying quiet sounds.

The only real drawback is that they’re not completely waterproof, so if you use them in heavy rain they might get damaged.

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If you’d rather buy some inexpensive passive ear defenders rather than these somewhat expensive electronic ear defenders, you should consider the Peltor Optime III Headband Ear Defenders. These have a high SNR rating of 35 dB, which means they can deal with very loud sounds including gunshot, aircraft and industrial machinery.

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