Highest SNR Ear Plugs (Best for Noise Cancelling)

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Ear plugs, like most things in life, are not created equal. All ear plugs offer some reduction in noise, but are the ear plugs you’re using providing enough noise reduction?

Table of Highest SNR Ear Plugs

Whether you’re trying to protect your hearing or just block out distracting background noise, you should look for ear plugs with a high SNR rating if you want to block out as much noise as possible.

On this page we’ll explain a bit more about SNR ratings and share the 5 highest SNR ear plugs available in the UK.

Highest SNR Ear Plugs

Here’s a list of some of the highest-SNR ear plugs currently available in the UK. They won’t completely block out all noise, but they will offer you the highest level of protection possible.

1. 3M E.A.R. Soft FX

50 Pairs of E.A.R Earsoft FX Ear Plugs

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SNR: 39 dB

E.A.R Earsoft FX ear plugs have an SNR of 39, which is the highest SNR rating of any pair of ear plugs available in the UK at the time of writing.

They are designed with a tapered end, which makes them comfier than many other ear plugs.

These ear plugs are made from a soft material which adapts to fit the shape of your ear canal.

They’re popular with motorcyclists who use them to block out wind noise, but they’re also a good choice for sleeping in.

50 Pairs of E.A.R Earsoft FX Ear Plugs
  • The EAR soft FX is the highest protecting earplug on the market today (SNR 39)
  • It´s smooth tapered finish makes fitting easier and helps form a comfortable fit
  • Each pair of ear plugs is individually wrapped
  • Standards: EN352-2

2. 3M E.A.R Push-Ins Reusable Corded Ear Plugs

5 Pairs of 3M Ear Push-Ins Reusable Ear Plugs

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SNR: 38 dB

3M E.A.R Push-Ins Reusable Corded Ear Plugs have an SNR of 38, so they offer almost as much protection as the Earsoft FX ear plugs mentioned above.

These ear plugs start to feel uncomfortable after a few hours, so they’re not a great choice for sleeping in. However, they certainly block out a lot of noise.

These ear plugs can be washed and reused, though you should still replace them regularly.

5 Pairs of 3M Ear Push-Ins Reusable Ear Plugs
  • No need to roll down.
  • Increased cleanliness from insertion stem which allows no touching of the plug.
  • Safe and easy to use. Plugs are washable.
  • Each pair of ear plugs is individually wrapped.

3. Silverline 282557

Silverline 282557 200 Pack 37 Decibel SNR Ear Plugs

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SNR: 37 dB

These Silverline ear plugs have an SNR rating of 37, meaning they offer slightly less ear protection than the other two pairs of ear plugs described above.

These ear plugs have a tapered end making them comfier in your ears, and are made from a soft material which will expand to fit your ears.

They conform to UK health and safety regulations EN352-2. Each pair is individually wrapped.

Silverline 282557 200 Pack 37 Decibel SNR Ear Plugs
  • Disposable hygienic ear plugs
  • Tapered end for comfort
  • Expands to fit
  • Protection levels: H=33dB M=31dB L=28dB SNR=34dB

4. Ear Plugs Pura-Fit

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No products found.

SNR: 36 dB

These PVC-free soft foam ear plugs from Moldex are available to buy in bulk in packs of 200, offering great value for money.

They’re approved to the EN 352-2:2002 European standard, which means they meet a list of safety and quality requirements and can be used to protect your hearing at work.

Each pair is wrapped in its own small paper envelope, which makes them hygienic and convenient for carrying around.

When you buy them in bulk they should come in a dispensing box.

Most people find that these ear plugs fit well and are comfy enough to sleep in. However, they are quite large so might not be the best choice if you have small ears (see some options for small ears here).

These ear plugs are disposable, but you should be able to wear each pair for a few days or nights before you need to throw them away.

No products found.

5. 3M E-A-Rsoft Neon ES-01-001SP

3M E-A-R E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons Earplugs, 36 dB, Uncorded, 5 Pairs/Bag, ES-01-001SP

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SNR: 36 dB

Here’s another pair of high-SNR ear plugs from 3M.

They are bright yellow, which means you’re less likely to lose them. Their high-vis design also makes compliance checks easier, as it is easier for people to see that you are wearing hearing protection.

These ear plugs are a good choice both for working in noisy environments and for blocking out the noise of snoring and other sounds at night.

They’re quite soft and comfortable, so you should find them good for sleeping in.

One downside to these ear plugs is that they are relatively expensive.

3M E-A-R E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons Earplugs, 36 dB, Uncorded, 5 Pairs/Bag, ES-01-001SP
  • Brightly coloured earplugs are preferred by most workers and easy to spot in compliance checks
  • High attenuation earplugs are ideal for many different noisy applications
  • Smooth textured earplugs for in-ear comfort
  • Enhanced foam formulation for all-day wearability

About SNR Ratings

The Single Number Rating, or SNR for short, measures how much noise reduction ear plugs offer in decibels.

For example, an SNR of 25 means that the ear plugs reduce the volume of the sound you hear by roughly 25 decibels.

So, this means if the environment you’re in has a noise level of 80 decibels, the noise reduction of the ear plugs puts the noise level at roughly 55 dB.

The highest SNR ratings available at the moment are in the high 30s. There are physical limitations on how much noise ear plugs can attenuate, and as yet nobody has managed to create ear plugs with an SNR of 40 or above.

55 dB is below the noise level of a standard conversation and is perfectly acceptable in a working environment.

However, as we said above, all ear plugs are rated differently so you must be wearing the right ear plugs in order to get the desired noise reduction.

Without the right SNR ratings, ear plugs could be dangerous.

You see, without the correct SNR rated ear plugs, the ear plugs become a placebo. You may think your hearing is safe, but in fact your hearing may become damaged simply because the SNR rating wasn’t high enough for the working environment.

Can You Get Ear Plugs that Block Out Sound Completely?

Silence may be golden, but that doesn’t stop noise from existing in your world. If you’ve ever dealt with excessive ambient noise, you’ve probably started to wonder whether it’s possible to block out sound completely.

Unfortunately for those of you who suffer from a noise problem, completely soundproof ear plugs do not exist.

Short of removing your hearing entirely, there’s no simple way to stop sound from reaching your eardrum.

This is due to the way sound is transmitted, both through the air in your ear canal and through the bones in your head.

Whilst blocking the transmission of sound through the air will block most sound, it will not block all of it.

In fact, the balance of air conduction and bone conduction in sound is the reason that your voice sounds different when played back from a recording.

As you can see from the list of high-SNR ear plugs reviewed here, the highest attenuation rating you can get from a pair of ear plugs is 39 dB.

To put that in perspective, that would theoretically reduce the sound of a vacuum cleaner to roughly the volume of somebody whispering loudly (see a noise level chart here).

Wearing Ear Plugs in the Workplace

Let’s say you work in a joinery factory using hand tools. The noise level of a hand saw is about 85 dB; this means that you can safely stand the noise level (without ear protection) for about eight hours.

Now, take someone at the other end of the factory which is using an electric saw. This saw creates 110 decibels, meaning they can withstand that noise for less than two minutes.

If both of you are given the same SNR rated ear plugs of 25, for example, the noise level you are hearing comes in at 60 dB. while the poor guy using the power saw comes in at 85 dB.

So, while you are working away happily all day in the quiet, after eight hours of work, your colleague’s ears are starting to become damaged because of the noise. This damage over time can cause hearing complications and even deafness.

This is why your employers should be providing ear protection that can reduce the noise to manageable levels in different sections of the factory and not just the overall noise within the factory.

So, if you are an employer, ensure that you are checking the noise levels of each section of the factory and buying the correctly rated ear plugs for each section.

If you are an employee, ensure that the ear plugs you are using are correctly rated for each section of the factory you are working in.

We aren’t saying that you should have an ear plug wardrobe, one pair for every section, but ensure that you have the highest level needed in the factory if you are moving around it all day, it may make a huge difference to your life if you don’t!


After researching the market, the highest SNR ear plugs we could find were the E.A.R Earsoft FX ear plugs with a very impressive SNR of 39 dB. If you want some ear plugs that offer the highest possible protection, they’re a great choice.

To get even more protection, consider combining them with a pair of high-SNR ear defenders.

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