Best Ear Protection for Kids (UK)

It’s important to protect your children’s hearing before it’s too late. If you’re watching fireworks, going to concerts or watching sporting events, you should make sure your child’s ears are protected.

The government recommend wearing hearing protection whenever you’re exposed to sounds louder than 85 dB, as this is the point at which hearing damage starts to occur.

This will include concerts, music festivals, F1 races and many other loud events that you might want to take your children to.

Choosing ear protection for kids requires some special thought as adult ear defenders and ear plugs are often too big for children’s ears.

That’s why many companies produce special hearing protection products designed especially for children.

In addition to offering a better and comfier fit, these ear plugs and ear defenders often have colourful, fun designs that will appeal to children.

In this article we’ll look at some of the best ear protection products for kids available in the UK.

Ear plugs or ear defenders?

When choosing ear protection the first question you need to answer is whether you should get ear plugs or ear defenders (also known as ear muffs).

There are pros and cons to each, as you can see below.

Children’s ear plugs – pros and cons


(+) Very cheap

(+) Small and easy to carry

(+) Can reduce noise by a greater amount


(-) More awkward to fit

(-) Can be uncomfortable

(-) Easily lost or swallowed

(-) Less hygienic; less reusable


Children’s ear defenders – pros and cons


(+) Easy to wear

(+) Reusable

(+) Can be shared

(+) More hygienic


(-) Can’t reduce sounds so much as they’re not airtight

(-) More expensive

(-) Bulky


Best Ear Protection for Kids

Now that you know the pros and cons of ear defenders and ear plugs, here are our favourite ear protection products for kids in 2017.


Edz Kids Ear Defenders

These ear defenders are our favourite children’s ear protectors on the market right now. They come in a great selection of colours and designs, which will help greatly in convincing your child to wear them.

The Edz Kids Ear Defenders are suitable for children from 6 months upwards, and feature an adjustable headband that helps you get the right fit. They should fit children right up to their teenage years.

Weighing just 190 grams, these ear defenders are light and won’t feel heavy on your child’s head. They’re also easy to carry around.

These ear defenders don’t completely block out all sound, but they do reduce it to a safe level. This makes them good for taking to the cinema or wearing while watching concerts.

They have an SNR of 26 dB, which means they can reduce loud sounds by roughly 26 decibels.

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Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs for Smaller Ears

The Ohropax Mini Soft Earplugs for Smaller Ears are good general-purpose ear plugs that offer a high level of protection.

They’re designed for small ear canals, so they fit most children as well as smaller adults. These ear plugs are well made and come in bright colours that children will love.

The Ohropax Mini Soft ear plugs offer very good sound attenuation, with an SNR of 35 dB.

This means they can reduce the sound of loud noises by 35 decibels, which is substantially more than the 26-decibel reduction offered by the Edz Kids Ear Defenders reviewed above.

The high level of sound reduction makes these ear plugs a good choice for protecting your child’s hearing at very loud events such as formula 1 races.

Since everyone has different sized ears, you might need to try a few different ear plugs to find some that fit you perfectly.

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