Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders Review

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The Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders are designed specifically for kids and babies from 6 months old upwards, but thanks to their adjustable headband they can also be used for adults. At just 180 grams, they’re lighter than most other ear defenders which is important if you’re buying them for small children.

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Performance and comfort

These ear defenders should fit anyone over the age of 6 months, which means you can share them with the whole family. The headband adjusts to fit differently sized heads, and the padded ear cushions seal themselves comfortably over your ears.

If you’re an adult with a larger than average head you might find these ear defenders a bit too tight, though they should be fine if you’re just wearing them for a short period of time.

While the design looks more fun than these industrial ear defenders for example, it’s also not too childish, so they won’t be embarrassing to wear as an adult. They look like a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so you shouldn’t get any funny looks if you wear them in public.

It can be hard to get children to wear ear defenders if they’re too heavy and bulky. Thankfully the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders have a lightweight (180g) and comfy design which means children should be happy wearing them. They also come in a nice choice of colours: Black, Green, Aqua Blue, Original Blue, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow.

These ear defenders are good for protecting children’s hearing at fireworks displays, music festival, sports events and so on. They’re also good for kids and adults with autism who are hypersensitive to noise.

The Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders don’t fully block out all noise, but they do dull loud noises significantly. You can still have a conversation while you’re wearing them, which is convenient.

The manufacturer doesn’t give an SNR or NRR rating for these ear defenders, so it’s not clear exactly how much they reduce noise. If you’re looking for some ear defenders for work you should consider something more heavy-duty with a high SNR/NRR rating, such as these top industrial ear defenders.

  • Currently sold with a 5-year warranty
  • Very light (180g)
  • Adjustable headband that fits almost all head sizes (6 months – adult)
  • Come in a large choice of colours
  • Fun design that isn’t too childish
  • Can be too tight for adults
  • No SNR or NRR rating given


The Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders are versatile and well designed, and should be fine for kids and adults who periodically need to protect their hearing at loud events or just reduce the volume of irritating background noises.

These ear defenders aren’t really designed for industrial settings, so you should look elsewhere if you want some heavy-duty ear defenders to use every day at work.

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One of the most popular pairs of ear defender for children at the moment is the Edz Kidz Ear Defenders, which come in a large choice of colours and have a fun design that children will like. They’re slightly heavier than the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders (190g rather than 180g), but they’re still much lighter than many other ear defenders.

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While the Snug Safe n Sound Kids Ear Defenders can be used by adults, they’re not ideal for wearing at work. If you need some heavy-duty ear defenders to protect your hearing at work, see these recommended ear defenders for construction or this roundup of the best industrial ear defenders.

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