Honeywell 1013530 Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs Review

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The Honeywell 1013530 Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs are a very affordable pair of electronic ear defenders that can amplify quiet noises while reducing the volume of loud noises. They’re designed for shooting and other activities where you want to hear what’s going on around you while protecting your hearing from harmful sounds.

These ear defenders are much cheaper than some of the competition, so you might have questions about how well they perform. Find out in this review…

Specifications and features

  • SNR rating: 25 dB
  • NRR rating: 22 dB
  • Batteries required: 2 x AAA (included)
  • Audio jack for connecting an MP3 player to use the ear defenders as headphones
  • Auto shut-off (turns off after 4 hours to save battery life)

Performance and comfort

The Honeywell 1013530 Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs are comfortable and can be worn for several hours. They also fit large heads well, and can be adjusted to fit smaller heads.

Quiet sounds are amplified, which means you can important noises such as people speaking. This improves the experience of social activities like shooting, and can also be important for keeping you safe. The maximum volume of the amplified sounds is 82 dB, which means it shouldn’t damage your hearing.

The attenuation and amplification both work well, so you can carry on a conversation with someone next to you while protecting your hearing from the sound of gunshot or other loud noises. These ear defenders use patented Air Flow Control technology to improve noise reduction across the full range of frequencies.

The Honeywell 1013530 Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs are good for clay pigeon shooting and shotgun shooting, but might not offer enough protection for high-calibre rifles.

These ear defenders are simple to control, and you can easily adjust the volume with one hand. There’s also an audio jack so you can attach an MP3 player or radio. A nice feature is that adjusting the headset volume doesn’t affect the radio or MP3 player volume, so you turn up the earmuffs’ amplification level without being deafened by the radio or MP3 player.

You can read more about these ear defenders Howard Leight’s site here.

  • Very cheap
  • Can be folded up to save space
  • Good for shooting
  • Reduce loud sounds while amplifying quiet sounds
  • Not so good for protecting your hearing from the sound of high-calibre rifles


The Honeywell 1013530 Howard Leight Impact Sport Earmuffs offer great value for money, and are a good solution if you’re looking for some inexpensive electronic ear defenders for shooting. They work well at reducing loud, harmful noises while allowing you to have a conversation.

The level of ear protection offered by these ear defenders is good, but isn’t quite as good as some of the more expensive alternatives (see below).

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There are some significantly more expensive alternatives to the Honeywell 1013530 Earmuffs on the market. These include the MSA Sordin Supreme PRO X ear defenders and the 3M Peltor SportTac Hearing Protectors. These products might be a better choice for serious hunters and long-term shooting enthusiasts.

For some more recommended ear defenders for shooting, see this article: Best Ear Muffs for Shooting.

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