Can Baby Ear Defenders Be Worn From Birth?

If you’re taking a baby under 6 months old to a noisy event such as a wedding or music festival, you will want to protect their delicate ears. This means using some hearing protection, such as ear plugs or ear defenders.

There are several pairs of baby and children’s ear defenders on the market, but manufacturers generally only recommend them for babies aged 3 months old or more. While some people choose to use them on younger babies, you might be worried about them being too tight on your baby’s head.

So can baby ear defenders be worn from birth? After researching this question, here’s what we’ve found:

  • It’s generally not advised to use ear defenders on babies under the age of 3 months as their skulls are still quite soft.
  • We couldn’t find any baby ear defenders with a recommended age of less than 3 months available in the UK.
  • Babies can often sleep well through noise, so unless your exposing them to very loud noise ear defenders may not be necessary.

If you’re interested in buying ear defenders for your baby, read our recommendations here.

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