Edz Kidz Ear Defenders Review

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With the loud sounds of modern life becoming a daily and often unavoidable occurrence, protecting the sensitive hearing of children is now more important than ever.

Whilst there are many child-friendly ear defenders on the market, it can be difficult to which model is best for your child, both in terms of quality and design.

To help, we’ve reviewed one of the most popular models currently available by Edz Kidz. We’ve summed up the specifications, performance and comfort of the model, and give you our final verdict to support you with your purchase decision.

Quick facts

PriceSNRWeightSuitable for
Check Current Price26dB 190 GramsChildren 6 months and over

Pros and cons


(+) Low price

(+) Easy to carry and store

(+) Specially made for little heads


(-) Suitable for children only

(-) Headband vulnerable to breakage

Performance & Comfort

Whilst there are a wide range of ear defenders on the market that are fully adjustable for both adults and children, the Edz Kidz model have been uniquely designed with children in mind. This provides several benefits when it comes to performance and comfort.

Firstly, they are available to purchase in a range of bright, attractive colours which are immediately appealing to children of all ages. No matter what their individual preference, Edz Kidz provide the opportunity to purchase additional ‘capz’, which fit over the hearing protector cups and come in a range of designs to suit any child’s personality.

Providing children their own uniquely colourful ear defenders is an great way to encourage their use.

These colourful ear defenders are also lightweight, foldable and fully adjustable to fit children of all ages from 6 months and up. The soft padded headband makes them comfortable to wear even when needed for a prolonged period.

Many users have reported that their children have even fallen asleep in their Edz Kidz ear defenders, which only goes to highlight how comfortable they are. It should be noted that children should be supervised when using the ear defenders, as there have been reports of the headband breaking with rough handling.

In terms of performance, these ear defenders come equipped with an SNR of 26dB, which means they provide the peace of mind that they offer the same high standard of hearing protection as most adult ear defenders.


Colourful, compact and lightweight, these ear defenders are a fantastic purchase for any parent who wishes to help protect their child’s hearing without breaking the bank.

The option to purchase additional ‘capz’ is a fantastic feature which gives the model an added benefit that is unique to this popular brand.

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If you’re looking for a model from a well-known, established brand, then the 3M Peltor Kid’s Ear Defenders (in both Green and Pink) are certainly an alternative to consider. They have the added benefit of being suitable even for newborn children.

Another great option is provided by the aptly-named Little Diddy, a family-run company who specialise in ear protection for children. At the same low price-point and with some fantastic reviews to boot, Little Diddy Kids Ear Defenders are certainly worth considering as a child-friendly alternative.

For some more children’s ear defenders to consider, see our roundup of the best ear defenders for kids.

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