Silverline 315357 Junior Ear Defenders Review

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Silverline 315357 Junior Ear Defenders are designed for toddlers and children up to the age of 7. Made by tool manufacturer Silverline, these ear defenders promise high-quality protection for your children’s sensitive ears. Find out how they perform in this review…


SNR rating: 20 dB

Weight: 191 g

Performance and compact

The Silverline 315357 Junior Ear Defenders have a compact and light design, and can be adjusted to fit differently sized heads. These ear defenders should be fine for babies from about 3 months and upwards, as well as toddlers and small children.

These ear defenders have an SNR rating of 20 dB and conform to EN352-1 safety standards. Since they’re made by a respected brand you can rely on them to offer real protection. They block out a decent amount of noise, but your child will still be able to hear you when you talk to them.

Some places and events where these ear defenders might come in handy include:

  • F1 and MotoGP races
  • Fireworks displays
  • Air shows
  • Crowds and noisy environments that can cause distress to autistic children

These ear defenders are generally well made, though some buyers have had issues with the earcups detaching themselves from the headband.

  • Fit children well
  • Effective at protecting hearing
  • Relatively low protection level (20 dB SNR)
  • Sometimes earcups detach themselves


The Silverline 315357 Junior Ear Defenders are a decent product, but we feel there are better options out there. These ear defenders have a lower SNR rating than most other ear defenders for kids, which means they are less effective at reducing the volume of sounds. Furthermore, several buyers have had issues with their build quality.

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One of the most popular pairs of ear defenders for children in the UK at the moment are Edz Kidz Ear Defenders. These ear defenders have a reasonably high SNR rating of 25 dB, and also come in a large choice of fun colours that children will love.

For some more recommended children’s ear defenders, see this article: Best Ear Defenders for Kids.

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