Silverline 633815 Ear Defenders Review

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When searching for a fuss-free and affordable pair of ear defenders, it’s likely that you’ll come across the Silverline 633815 model. But with such a low price, you would be forgiven for having concerns about the quality and performance.

In this review, we will provide a quick and simple overview of the Silverline 633815, from the specifications, features and performance, all the way to our final verdict.

Quick facts

PriceWeightSNR RatingNotable Features
Check Current Price181 g27 dB- Lightweight model
- Reputable brand

Pros and cons


(+)  Low price

(+)  Fully Adjustable Design

(+)  Lifetime Guarantee


(-)  No additional features

(-)  Stand-out red colour may not be for everyone

Performance & Comfort

Silverline have been producing market-leading tools since 1978, so it’s not surprising that their range of ear defenders are built with the same high standards of quality and safety.

This particular Silverline model provides no-fuss hearing protection that conforms to the required Health & Safety regulations, giving you the peace of mind that that your hearing will be protected even in very loud environments.

As for comfort, the model is very lightweight for its size and capabilities, and therefore won’t feel heavy on the head even when wearing for long periods of time.

The large padded ear cushions not only provide the practical feature of blocking out noise, but also deliver an added level of comfort. These ear defenders are also fully adjustable, making them suitable for use by both adults and children of any age.

The Silverline ear defenders are of surprisingly high quality despite the low cost.

With such a low price point and lightweight design, you’d be forgiven for thinking this model may not stand up to the test of time and are perhaps not as robust as more  expensive models.

However, the Silverline ear defenders are of surprisingly high quality despite the low cost, and even come with a lifetime guarantee, providing extra piece of mind in the unlikely event of a fault occurring.


While the model is as basic as hearing protection comes in terms of features, it’s undeniably a low cost, fuss-free option which would be ideal for many users.

Despite the relatively cheap price, you won’t be compromising on quality, and the lifetime guarantee gives extra piece of mind.

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For a more portable model with the same great standard of hearing protection, the Silverline Folding ear defenders are a great alternative for a similar price.

For the very best standard of hearing protection for just a few extra pounds, the Homitt ear defenders are also another option to consider, with an impressive and market-leading SNR of 34dB.

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