Homitt Sound Ear Defenders Review

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Homitt Sound Ear Defenders are an affordable pair of ear muffs that offer a high level of noise reduction. They’re designed to be used for a variety of purposes including shooting, DIY and just blocking out distracting background noises. Find out how they perform in this review…


SNR: 34 dB

Weight: 322 g

Performance and comfort

These ear defenders are very effective at reducing the volume of sounds, though like all ear defenders they won’t block out everything. Some people like to combine ear plugs with ear defenders to get the optimum amount of sound reduction, though for most purposes that won’t be necessary with these ear defenders.

These ear defenders are good for a variety of purposes including blocking out the sound of neighbours, studying, clay pigeon shooting and practicing a musical instrument. You could also use them for sleeping if you don’t mind sleeping on your back.

The Homitt Sound Ear Defenders fit snugly, though they can be too tight for some peoples’ heads. The padded headband can be adjusted to fit both adults and kids’ heads, though if you’re a man with an average-sized head you will probably need to extend the headband to the max. This means that if you’re a man with a larger head you should look elsewhere for something better fitting.

The cups feature a double shell for added ear protection and a 0.5-inch thick foam padding to make them comfortable to wear. These ear defenders are generally quite comfy, though they’re not the comfiest out there. They can feel quite hot and uncomfortable after wearing them for a long period of time, especially if you have a larger head.

These ear defenders also aren’t ideal for young children as they feel quite big and bulky. See these recommended ear defenders for kids if you’re looking to buy something more suitable for children.

The Homitt Sound Ear Defenders feel quite tough and well made for such an affordable product. A good design feature is that they can be folded up into a more compact size. You can also use the carrying bag provided to keep them safe and clean when travelling.

One nice thing about these ear defenders is that they are currently available with a 12-month warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • Good value for money
  • Feel well made
  • Available with a warranty and guarantee
  • Too tight for people with larger heads
  • Too big for babies and toddlers


Homitt Sound Ear Defenders are a good budget option for adults with small to average-sized heads. They’re well designed and perform well at reducing the volume of loud noises and blocking out distracting background noise.

Adults with larger heads will probably find these ear defenders too tight, but they are reasonably comfy for those with smaller heads.

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A good alternative to the Homitt Sound Ear Defenders are the Peltor X2A ear defenders, which are available in a range of attenuation levels from 27 dB to 35 dB. The 35 dB Peltor X2As will offer superior noise reduction to the Homitt Sound Ear Defenders reviewed here, and are likely to be comfier too, though they are more expensive at the time of writing.

One of the most similar products to the Homitt Sound Ear Defender is the Mpow Ear Defenders, which have a similar price and design, and also have an SNR rating of 34 dB.

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