Baratec Yellow Ear Defenders Review

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The Baratec Yellow Ear Defenders are an affordable pair of ear muffs with an SNR rating of 25 decibels. Find out how comfy they are and how well they perform in this review…


SNR: 25 dB

Weight: 200 g

Performance and comfort

These ear defenders will work well for a variety of purposes from blocking out low-level background noise so you can focus on studying to reducing the volume of noisy gardening tools such as hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. Lots of people with autism also find that the Baratec Yellow Ear Defenders are effective at helping with sensory overload.

As with all ear defenders, the Baratec Yellow Ear Defenders won’t create complete silence but they do a great job at blocking out and reducing sound. You can combine them with ear plugs to block out even more sound.

These ear defenders conform to the CE EN352-1 European safety standards for ear muffs, which means they can be relied on to block out harmful sounds. However, you might want something with a higher SNR rating such as these from 3M if you are exposed to especially loud noises.

These ear defenders are fairly comfortable, though they can get hot itchy after a few hours of use. They should fit people with large ears well, as the cups are nice and large and won’t squash your ears.

The Baratec Yellow Ear Defenders’ headband can be adjusted to fit differently sized heads, though you might find these ear defenders too tight if you have a larger than average head. The headband is made from plastic and doesn’t feel especially durable, so these ear defenders probably won’t last forever. Given the low price though, they are easy to replace.

The bright yellow design means they are easy to find if you misplace them, though some people will prefer ear defenders with a more inconspicuous black design, like these from Homitt.

  • Cheap and good value for money
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes
  • Comfy for people with large ears
  • No carrying bag included
  • Can be too tight
  • SNR rating is relatively low
  • Not very durable


These ear defenders aren’t the comfiest or most effective on the market, but they perform very well for the price. They’re a great budget option for people looking for a simple solution to unwanted noise.

However, if you’re looking for something durable to wear on a daily basis, you might want to invest more in something with better build quality. Also, these ear defenders can be quite tight for people with larger heads, and the SNR rating is lower than that of many of the alternatives.

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A higher quality pair of ear defenders that are more suited to industrial workplaces are the 3M PELTOR Optime III Ear Muffs, which have an SNR rating of 34 or 35 dB depending on the particular pair you buy. The Optime IIIs offer the highest level of protection in 3M’s respected PELTOR Optime range of ear defenders, and are suitable for especially noisy environments such as airports, printing factories and mining sites.

Some inexpensive ear defenders with a high SNR rating are the Mpow Ear Defenders, which have an SNR rating of 34 dB. These ear defenders have a folding design and come with a carrying bag for added convenience.

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